3-12-2018 BNB BTC 4.5 UTC

BNB looking like it could have found a bottom for the current downtrend, we might get at least a relief pump before a downtrend continuation.

Current price: 0.0012826

Target 1: 0.0013624
Target 2: 0.0014292
Target 3: 0.0014877

Stop Loss: 0.0012261

After reaching the 3rd target keep a 25% of your position move your stop loss and let it ride.

27-11-2018 WAVES BTC 20.49 UTC

WAVES looking really promising here, got a nice reaction after reaching a strong support. This is a risky play in my opinion, being the reason why I will be using half of my usual position size.

Current price: 0.0002626

Target 1: 0.0002910
Target 2: 0.0003164
Target 3: 0.0003387

Stop Loss: 0.0002324

13-11-2018 PHX BTC 11.46 UTC

PHX looking good at the 4h chart, finding support at the bottom of the cloud after bouncing from the MA7 + Tenkan and Kijun. My conservative view tells me that this is a trade for at least 12%, but I truly believe that an Edge to Edge is truly plausible.

Current price: 0.00000452

Target 1: 0.00000492

Target 2: 0.00000520

Stop Loss: 0.00000425

8-11-2018 MANA BTC 13.30 UTC

MANA has been struggling to break the resistance at 0.00001280 for the last 2 months and it finally did, currently trying to retest the breakout before continuation of the bullish momentum.

Current price: 0.00001311

Target 1: 0.00001489
Target 2: 0.00001639

Stop Loss: 0.00001236

5-11-2018 LSK BTC 20.49 UTC

LSK looks bottomed and its current position on the 12h chart its above the Tenkan, MAs 25 and 7. With a really good R/R this play looks like a no-brainer, the volume seems to be increasing and it just had a small pump, you could try to catch a retest but the price still looks good.

Current price: 0.0004474
Target 1:  0.0004728
Target 2: 0.0004976
Target 3: 0.0005252

Stop Loss: 0.0004184

3-11-2018 QKC BTC 12.51 UTC

Recently spotted a huge Bull div on QKC, it has been trending down for a while now and Ido expect a bounce inside the 12H Ichimoku Cloud.

Current Price: 0.00000720

Target 1: 0.00000760
Target 2: 0.00000802
Target 3: 0.00000845

Stop Loss: 0.00000676

31-10-2018 DATA BTC 0.40 UTC

DATA has been consolidating around these levels for the longest and it looks like it’s about to break out, 8h chart shows the price holding above the Tenkan with and edge to edge trade on the horizon.

Entry price: 0.00000640 – 0.00000655

Target 1: 0.00000713
Target 2: 0.00000753
Target 3: 0.00000867

StopLoss: 0.00000619

28-10-2018 WAN BTC 15.52 UTC

WAN broke out of a long term Symmetrical triangle and is currently re-testing it, the 1D chart also shows huge opportunity for growth on this coin.

Current Price: 0.0001593
Target 1: 0.0001705
Target 2: 0.0001796
Target 3: 0.0001894

Stop Loss: 0.0001509

23-10-2018 VIB BTC 15.11 UTC

VIB is looking like it will be breaking out soon re-testing the 750-760 resistance quite a lot lately. The one day chart shows  strong support and consolidation above the bottom of the cloud and Tenkan which makes me think that an edge to edge on the Ichimoku cloud is incoming.

Entry price: below 0.00000755
Target 1: 0.00000805
Target 2: 0.00000848
Target 3: 0.00000897
Stop Loss: 0.00000697

After reaching the third target move your stop loss to 0.00000848 and let the rest ride.

22-10-2018 YOYO BTC 22.9 UTC

YOYO currently breaking out of the ascending triangle resistance and resting on the bottom of the 1D cloud with a Tenkan cross.

Entry Price: 0.00000500 – 0.00000505

Target 1: 0.00000549
Target 2: 0.00000596

Stop Loss: 0.00000466