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Our Tier 1 is the entry level for anyone who would like to get a complete overview of cryptocurrencies. We invite you to an exclusive private telegram group where we share daily calls to our subscribers.


You will also get access to all of our documentations, including newsletters about exceptional ICOs, undervalued cryptocurrencies that have a tremendous upward potential, and our long and short portfolio analysis.

Our documentations include technical research of coins, teams reputation, community consensus, current coin issues, strengths, and difficulties, among others. This empowers the user by providing him or her information in a compact-easy to understand way, in order to make his own educated decisions.

o Content creation:

● Under the Radar article: Cryptocurrency investment of low market cap coins with a lot of upwards potential.

● CryptoCue Spotlight: Important time-sensitive investments due to roadmaps and news of developments, partnerships, forks and updates.

● CryptoCue ICO review: introduction to valuable ICOs.

Overall, we have provided our customers with premium content from our documentations, which have seen tremendous growth, such as our suggestions of buying EOS at 50 cents in the end of October. Our Stellar Lumen call has given our readers the opportunity of making over 600% gains. Our documentation about NEO and our suggestion to invest was met by a gain of over 200%. These are just a few examples of our vast inventory of high quality documentations that we have indeed given our subscribers over the past months.

We keep our tier 1 subscribers in the loop of everything important that is going on in the crypto space. By deploying our team on major cryptocurrency events we obtain our information directly from the source and deliver it to this exclusive Tier. Our CryptoCue calendar displays important upcoming cryptocurrency events. From conferences, to forks and important dates that can affect the market.

Our team will keep you posted on all markets status so you can avoid losses and maximize profits.

Our subscribers have access to a private calendar, which informs them of all the events we are monitoring. Notifications concerning important information will go out directly to our subscribers so that they do not miss any essential occurrences.