Tier 2


Tier 2 – 1 year



CryptoCue Pioneer


This tier is for the most serious traders out there. On top of all the information and products of our first tier, you will have access to our exclusive BITMEX trades. We have handcrafted a highly sensitive trading strategy that is effective on shorts and longs in the cryptocurrency market. These calls are time sensitive and actions need to take place within a short time frame. With our BITMEX strategy and calls, we were able to short and long the market at appropriate times to make double and triple digit gains at a time where the cryptocurrency market was bleeding.


Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (BITMEX): We will suggest the opportunities to buy into Future Contracts on BITMEX’s platform, which allows the user to hedge against bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the usage of future contracts.

We understand that our BITMEX calls of shorting and longing the market might sound intimidating, thatt’s why we include an exclusive one on one session with our talented trader. Learn his ways of analyzing the market. He will guide you through the set-up of BITMEX and work together with you on any situations that might come up, in order to give you the best and most precise trading opportunities in this volatile market.

Our trader has dedicated himself to guide you and teach you the ways of shorting and longing the market at appropriate times. This highly exclusive service has shown our past customers double and triple digits gains over a short time, not only in a bull, but also during a bear market.

Our trader is available to you for any questions regarding the setup and trading Future contracts on BITMEX.

Of course, shorting and longing the market using leverage comes with its own risks, but with our help and expertise you can minimize the risk and maximize the profit.

To balance out this high risk, high reward strategy of our BITMEX calls, we invite our pioneers to special ICO pools to obtain exclusive bonuses and position themselves on top of the market.


We want to facilitate our subscribers the access to promising ICO projects. We will be creating a pool for our tier 2 pioneers, who might be interested. There are pools that require substantial capital in order to allow users to participate. We will do our best to assist our users access to those ICOs while complying with the respective laws around it.

After a year of research and fine-tuning, our talented team has created a one of a kind automated buy bot. This bot will grant you the possibility of buying all of our suggested calls automatically. It will also allow you to automate portions of your trading portfolio, giving you more free time to focus on other aspects such as the BITMEX calls. A Telegram Bot capable to automate our buy calls.