26-8-2018 BCN 12.53 UTC

% 1h
% 24h
% 7d

Quick trade opportunity: BCN

BCN is one of the cheapest coins on Binance right now, this means that for each satoshi it goes up, it will go up roughly 4%, thats one of the main reason Im aware of this coin. Today I saw this 6hr tenka cross and looking to get inside of the cloud for that nice edge to edge profits.

Buy: 0.00000026 – 0.00000027
Target 1: 0.00000030; Target 2: 0.00000033
SL: 0.00000025

17-8-2018 BCN BTC 1.25 UTC

Odot here with another idea. Today im looking to buy coins on binance that can make us a good mid term profits and one of them its BCN.

In the next picture you can see the Long-term support on Poloniex:

Im looking to buy around 25-27 sats with some short and mid term targets, the next picture shows you where to sell. Moving your sl every time we reach a target could be a good short term idea but if you really like to hold a coin, this could be a strong one. This is the “accumulation zone”, you can see good buy volume too.
SL: 23 sats