3-12-2018 BNB BTC 4.5 UTC

BNB looking like it could have found a bottom for the current downtrend, we might get at least a relief pump before a downtrend continuation.

Current price: 0.0012826

Target 1: 0.0013624
Target 2: 0.0014292
Target 3: 0.0014877

Stop Loss: 0.0012261

After reaching the 3rd target keep a 25% of your position move your stop loss and let it ride.

12-8-2018 BNB BTC 18.35 UTC

Hey guys, MM here with another quick analysis,

Today i have been looking at BNB (Binance Coin), this has been one of the few coins that has maintained its place with all the blood we’ve seen in this market since the start of the year, and with reason, as its the fuel that keeps the biggest exchange moving smoothly. With the next coin burn of BNB coming soon its a good idea to start accumulating early as this has huge potential to pump it to new heights, there’s also all the news going around of Binance soon opening its doors to leverage trading. In the charts it’s looking extremely good, as we have found strong support on the cloud and a previous resistance turned support in the 1D chart, in lower 6h time frame the MA150 is providing really good support after making a bullish tenka cross before entering the cloud, which is a really big momentum indicator, on other time frames like 4h its doing on okay, bouncing from the MA200.

Start accumulating some around this area: 0.0017954 – 0.001875

You can save your balance to buy more later if we keep dropping, as this coin has huge potential to hold for the next few months.