27-11-2018 BQX 22.40 UTC

Hey guys Odot here with a new idea. Been a long time since the last blog because of this market behavior, a lot of coins in accumulation with big random pumps so buying at supports with sl below would be a good idea.

Trade Opportunity: BQX

Breakout on BQX after some time of accumulation, bullish div on the 12h with a good volume:

Entry: 0.00003001
Target 1: 0.00003175
Target 2: 0.00003299
Target 3: 0.00003433
Stoploss: 0.00002829

28-8-2018 BQX BTC 12.39 UTC

Hey guys, MM here with a quick analysis,

This morning i’m looking at BQXBTC, after making an upwards swing of almost 20% we’ve stablished a range and seem to be making a classic bull flag pattern, ready to be broken any time, this paired together with entering the cloud on the 6h chart after making a TK cross, makes this a trade with a really good risk/reward ratio, as we can just place a stop below the cloud and let it ride up with the momentum that this indicator gives us.

Recommended buy in price: 0.00007564 – 0.00007784

Stop loss: 0.0000745

Targets: 0.0000845, 0.00009815