21-8-2018 ETF BTC 13.47 UTC

The last few days Alts have been something glorious, so many opportunities, but the next 5 weeks are going to be somewhat tricky and it all depends on something that we cannot predict or control.

Upcoming ETFs schedule :
#ProShares ETF –  August 23rd
#Bitwise ETF –  September 7th
#Direxion ETF –  September 21st
#CBOE VanEck / SolidX ETF –  September 30th.

These 4 dates are crucial, the crypto market is really sentimental and volatile, regardless of the CBOE  ETF being the really important one  each and every one of those will have an effect on the market. My guess is that the market will take hit after hit until  September 30th where we will know for sure the direction of Bitcoin next big move.

Because of this i will be quite thorough with the Alt picks during this period and may even switch the daily Alt play for something more of a market update.