14-10-2018 GNT BTC 18.57 UTC

GNT looks really healthy, with a Tenkan cross and the price holding above the 1d kijun, if it manages to close above 0.00002390 on the daily we could see another attempt towards the cloud, meaning a 15% trade and if it succeeds a possible edge to edge.

Current price: 0.00002367

Target 1: 0.00002768
Target 2: 0.00003014
Target 3: 0.00003300

Stop loss: 0.00002254

17-8-2018 GNT BTC 12.13 UTC

Hey guys, MM here with another quick trade opportunity.

As we’ve all seen lately every single coin on Binance has seen atleast a 10% pump in the last 2 days, which means we are in some kind of euphoria state right now with BTC ranging in place, there can only be so much time left on these alt coins pumping before this money flows into Bitcoin once again, but meanwhile we are here to trade those coins that haven’t pumped and are probably next. This one that i’ve been looking is GNT, once upon a time it was a sure pump every certain time, but lately it seems to have lost that drive that kept people buying it, nevertheless this one is looking very bullish on the charts, holding the local support around 2150~ very well and what seems to be bottoming out, also making a TK cross before entering the cloud on the 2h chart. This is a sign of a possible edge to edge trade coming in to play here.

My recommended action to take is to buy below 0.0000245

Stop loss below the cloud: 0.00002342