8-8-2018 BTC USDT Long Area 16.19 UTC O dot

Hey guys, hope you closed the last long call, one of the orders got hit for a 4.3% bounce, today I come with another long idea that its going to be good in my opinion. BTC has been doing awful in the past 10 days, the last hope was at the long area I called, was holding strong until the FUD of the ETF getting delayed came out. But I still got hope with the next area that used to be support on the last iH&S.

Will be layering with 3 orders:
6269 – 6209 – 6149
Stop loss = 6099


4-8-2018 BTC/USD Long Area 17.36 UTC O dot

Sup guys, its your boy Odot here bringing you another long idea.

This time at the 6k6-6k8 area that used to be a strong resistance in the past where we needed 35 days to break, it should be a good area for a bounce and for the bulls to make a move. You can also see how makes confluence with the bottom of the Bollinger Bands that gives you more confidence with the trade.

Will be layering with 4 orders:
6851 – 6769 – 6719 – 6669
Stop loss = 6599